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Name: Lauren
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Location: Montgomery, ALABAMA

Relationship Status: Taken
Sexual Orientation:  Straight
Occupation: None
Children: None
Pets: 1
Siblings: 1 twin sister and 1 brother
Interests: singing, music.

Lolita style: Sweet
Favorite Lolita brand: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Least favorite Lolita brand: Any punk brand and mostly any gothic brands, but I loves MMM.
How long have you been into the fashion? a little over a year
Do you dress in the style or admire it? Rarely dress, cause I dont have much inspiration too. SO... I suppose more admiartion.

List 3 words to describe yourself:
1. Sweet
2. Innocent
3. Shy

List 3 interesting/random things about you:
1. I love fast food chicken. Chick-fil-a and Zaxbys are my favorite. :D
2. My fingernails and toenails are wide. 
3. I Have dyed my hair sooo much

List 3 things you look for in a friend:
1. Easy to talk to
2. Friendly
3. Caring
5 Favourite Bands/Artist/s:
1. Nightwish
2. Within Temptation

5 Favourite Movies:
1. UP
2. I am Legend

5 Favourite TV Shows:
1. Americas Funniest Home Videos
2. Spongebob XD
3. Flapjack

Why do you think people would enjoy doing lolita-esque things/going to meet ups with you?
Im friendly, but shy. Im very polite too.

Tell us about your life and what you want to do with it:
Ive always lived in Alabama, and its quite boring. I want to go to college this fall and go for nursing. I hope to become a neonatal nurse or something to the effect involving newborns.

If you could swap lives with a person for a week, who would it be and why?
No one :3

Make up your own question and answer it:
What was the stupidest thing you have heard today?
Thats asteriods are floating potatoes. X3

Post 1 or more pictures of yourself here.
(Please resize the pictures to a decent size.)

This is a wig. i hate it is heavy X3

My newest Lolita picture I think. My hair is now yellow X3

How did you find this community and why did you decide to join


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