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Name: Averie
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Location: Hershey, PA (Yes, the chocolate place XD)

Occupation: Student 
Children: o.o No and I don't really want any.
Pets: 1 dog, Azure.
Siblings: 1 annoying 4-year-old brother.
Interests: Lolita fashion, anime, manga, videogames, Victorian anything (fashion, houses, etc.)

Lolita style: Sweet mostly, but I also have a Gothic Lolita and a Sailor Lolita dress.
Favourite Lolita brand: Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright. =3
Least favourite Lolita brand: I don't really have a least favorite.
How long have you been into the fashion? I don't really remember. lol About two years maybe?
Do you dress in the style or admire it? I wear it of course!
List 3 words to describe yourself:
1. sweet
2. loving
3. loyal
List 3 interesting/random things about you:
1. I go to a technical school. I'm in Business Technology Applications which is basically computer work like Microsoft Office and web design. I really wanted to be in Advertising Art and Design, but I got put in this instead. =.= Oh well though, I have fun with it.
2. I'm working on writing a book about Lolita. I'm going to record the different reactions that I get from people when I wear Lolita and put them into a book to show how hurtful it can be to be made fun of just because of the way you dress.
3. I'm also working on a few manga. I hope that I can get them published some day! ^^ I also like to design Lolita clothes and I would love to have my own brand some day.
List 3 things you look for in a friend:
1. Honesty
2. A sense of humour
3. A relative grasp of common sense
5 Favourite Bands/Artist/s:
1. Penicillin
2. Moi-dix-Mois
3. Gackt
4. on/off
5. Ali Project
5 Favourite Movies:
1. Sweeney Todd
2. Kamikaze Girls
3. Spirited Away
4. Kiki's Delivery Service
5. The Mirror Mask
5 Favourite TV Shows:
1. Bleach (there are alot of other anime but I want to add something other than that)
2. Heroes
3. Ghost Hunters
4. The Office
5. The Soup
5 Favourite Books:
1. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
2. Angels and Demons
3. Maximum Ride
4. Kamikaze Girls
5. Vampire Knight (and alot of other manga)
Why do you think people would enjoy doing lolita-esque things/going to meet ups with you?
I'm very friendly. =3 I 'm a good listener and I can take pretty much any kind of joke unless it's something personal. I also have alot of stories to tell too.
Tell us about your life and what you want to do with it:
After high school I want to go to the Art Institute where I plan to major in graphic design and minor in fashion design. After college I would love to move to Japan, publish my manga, and become a Lolita designer! But if I can't get to Japan, I would like to live in a cute Victorian home by the beach, maybe in Cape May where I would also try to get my manga published and start a Lolita brand.
If you could swap lives with a person for a week, who would it be and why? 
 Nobody. =3 I like being me.
Make up your own question and answer it:
^^" I can't think of anything. Sorry...

Post 1 or more pictures of yourself here.

^^" Not a very good one, but I don't have very many good pictures of myself.

How did you find this community and why did you decide to join?
I forget. ^^" Sorry.


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