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27th-May-2010 05:40 pm - Kimora/26/Chicago
Name: kimora
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Location: Chicago, IL

Relationship Status: Married
Occupation: school bus driver
Children: none
Pets: want a rabbit
Siblings: 1 sister
Interests: Lolita Fashion, Food, music, singing, writing, dancing, and anime

Lolita style: Gothic and sweet
Favorite Lolita brand: BTSSB
Least favorite Lolita brand: I'm sorry but AP
How long have you been into the fashion? 4years but just started 3mo ago.
Do you dress in the style or admire it? Both

List 3 words to describe yourself:
1. lovely
2. silly
3. wonderful

List 3 interesting/random things about you:
1 I love red hair
2. I love to bake
3. I'm scared of spiders

List 3 things you look for in a friend:
1. Happy
2. silly
3. love to SHOP

5 Favourite Bands/Artist/s:
1. Lady GaGa
2. Britney spears
3. Incubus
4. Black eye peas
5. Madonna

5 Favourite Movies:
1. Finding Nemo
2. District 9
3. Happy feet
4. Intertview with the vampire
5. Harry Potter 1

5 Favourite TV Shows:
1. Code Name Kids Next Door
2. ghost whisperer
3. Family Guy
4. Man v. Food
5. Anthony Bourdains: No Reservations

5 Favourite Books:
1. Interview with the vampier
2. hunted
3. Cell by Stephen King
4. True Blood
5. twilight

Why do you think people would enjoy doing lolita-esque things/going to meet ups with you?
Because I'm a silly person and love to have fun.

Tell us about your life and what you want to do with it:
Open a bakery

If you could swap lives with a person for a week, who would it be and why?
Lady GaGa cause shes great and I would like to know how it feels to have so many fans.

Make up your own question and answer it:
what are u scared of in the Lolita fashion? I'm scared of ott sweet cause I think I'm to big for it

Post 1 or more pictures of yourself here.
Acen 2010 im in the white and black it was my 2nd time wearing Lolita

How did you find this community and why did you decide to join
I was searching for egl communities and friends cause the ones I have don't like Lolita
3rd-Feb-2009 02:16 pm - boykitten / 20 / male / cambridge
Hi I'm boykittenCollapse )
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